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Mamatoto Radio

May 7, 2019

This week I talk to Amazing Mother Elizabeth Molovidov. 

She is a mom, a lawyer, a law professor and an advocate for children's rights online. 

We talk about a lot of things, Elizabeth is so fun and generous and she tells us some really sweet and personal stories. 

We also talk about kids and tech, how to keep them safe, how to enter their world, Fortnite, Apex legends, and Momo.

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is a mom to two tech-savvy little boys, a lawyer, law professor and eSafety consultant.

She is a member of the Working Group of experts on Digital Citizenship Education and an independent expert on Digital Parenting and Children and Internet for the Children’s Rights Division of Council of Europe.

She is an advisor on European Cooperation and International Projects for e-Enfance, a French online child protection association providing support to parents and children in the digital age.

Her core work involves researching solutions for parenting in the digital age and she has authored several guides and workbooks for parents, moderates a Facebook community for parents and is the founder of a website and community with resources for parents.

Find here here :)